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The Tools

Flemish and Shepherd Pipes

This style of bagpipe appeared in Europe in the 15th Century. Pitched in G

our pipes have  a 'bright, crisp' tone.

These were made by our friend Sean Jones of  Jones Instruments .

Tabor Pipe

A three holed 'Recorder' designed to be played with the right hand whilst striking a Tabor drum with the left. This is a particularly hard instrument to play as there are four distinct 'breath pressures' to move through the scale.

This instrument was first recorded in the mid 11th century.


Medieval style lap harp.This harp has 17 stings cover just over two octaves.

Harps and stringed instruments such as psaltries were in use throughout the

medieval and later periods.

Harps palyed by the band were made for us by was made by our friends at Busy Mole Music.


A windcap instrument dating from the late 15th Century with a loud bright tone.

Designed to be played out of doors as the sound carries well.

The Soprano Rauschpfieffe was made by Eric Moulder of Leek

Others used are by Pavel Cip


Early smallpipes pitched in D.  Recorded by Praetorious in the 17th century these pipes had probably been around since the 15th century or earlier.

Having a soft 'hollow' tone they are thought to be the forerunner of the Northumbrian smallpipes.

These were made by our friend Sean Jones of  Jones Instruments .